The Apple vs Android debate has caused one of the biggest first world problems of our time. Your phone is no longer just a device on which you make a phone call…it’s a lifestyle.

The ‘Great Debate’, as it has been dubbed, has grown to epic proportions with the Apple and Android brands seemingly having developed personas along the way. With Smart Phone Camera ‘Shoot Outs’, ‘smack downs’ between Google voice search vs. SIRI and reports of SIRI and the iPhone 5 vs the world – things seem to be getting a little over dramatised and out of hand. In this weeks reading, Andy Rubin himself said that the Android device ‘would have the spirit of Linux and the reach of Windows’.

So apparently technology now has spirit… has society forgotten that we are discussing electronic devices?

The two companies have taken entirely different approaches to the mobile war, however in my opinion, people are buying into the brand, as much as they are into the technology. Apple’s iPhone’s allow only Apple-approved applications (apps) on the handset. By contrast, now that it has moved into the phone business, Google gives Android away—it does not sell it—to be installed on dozens of phone models made by a host of phonemakers, including Sony, Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and others. Android’s code is open, and the phonemakers can tinker with it to suit their needs (though Google tries to maintain a basic set of standards, so that an app built for one Android phone will work on another). Anyone who can create an Android app can get it into Google’s Android Market, the equivalent of the App Store. Apple is renown for its sleek sophisticated and trendy style, but far more sealed and controlled.

Appleism isn’t quite a religion, but it features almost a God-like leader, the late Steve Jobs, who millions of individuals praise every day. On the contrary, the ‘Googlers’ or ‘Droids’ of the world worship at an entirely different alter, and I am sure, wouldn’t have it any other way.

I myself, am a fence sitter. I have found myself caught somewhere between the ‘smack downs’ and ‘shoot outs’ of this first world problem and will either have to ‘Google’ or ask SIRI how to get out.


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